Vegetable salad "Lecho" and Mushroom casseroleVegetable salad "Lecho" and Mushroom casserole

Vegetable salad 'Lecho' ( 500 ml glass jar. Shelf life 24 months)

GNP's delightful vegetable salad preserve 'Lecho' comes with all-natural ingredients: sweet bell peppers, tomatoes, vegetable oil, spice mix, garlic, vinegar and a touch of salt and sugar. 'Lecho' is a vitamin rich preserve produced from locally harvested vegetables.

A traditional and popular salad in Balkan and Eastern European cuisines, our Lecho is based on a classic Bulgarian recipe and is a seasonal product. Healthy and light food will be a nice addition to your low-calorie diet, giving you full flavour and fiber-rich vegetable goodness to help restore your energy after a busy day.

Mushroom casserole - All natural ready meal. 500ml in a glass jar. Shelf-life 24 months. Packaging - 12 jars in a pack. Ingredients: white mushroom, onion, coriander, black pepper, sunflower oil, salt. Protein-rich delicious authentic dish to be enjoyed hot or cold.