Walnut paste mix – Satsivi Walnut paste mix – Satsivi

Walnut paste mix – Satsivi (100g. plastic jar. Shelf life 6 months) Contains walnut, blue fenugreek powder, ground coriander seeds, Marigold powder (tagetes, also called Imeretian saffron), garlic, salt, pepper.

To make the Satsivi and Bazhe sauces you need to add water (and vinegar) to desired consistency and blend well.

A quintessential Georgian walnut sauce pretty much defines Georgian cuisine and is an authentic national specialty. Walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds are ubiquitous in Georgia and grow wildly and widely in every part of the country.

Every regional cuisine uses nuts in some form in dishes, from starters to desserts, but it was Satsivi and Bazhe sauces, from Western Georgian cuisines (Guria, Mengrelia, Ajara and Abkhazia) that made their way to restaurants and home-cooking of Russia and other former soviet states.

GNP takes pride in having introduced the Satsivi dry mix to the consumer market. In the popular just-add-water form. Our Nut Sauce mix makes a sauce or paste of various texture and thickness according to your preference, and goes well with cooked poultry meats, fish, vegetables (especially eggplants, cabbages, cauliflower, potatoes).

Just a spoonful of the dry Walnut mix will add bags of flavour and texture to any soup or vegetarian and vegan stir-fry dishes. Packed with essential Omega 3 amino acids and other vitamins and minerals, nuts are an important part of the healthy Mediterranean diet.