Dry AdjikaDry Adjika

Dry Ajika - (15 g paper triangular bags, shelf life 12 months).

Our dry Ajika spice mix  is a convenient version of Ajika sauce which can be carried in a handbag and carry-on luggage wherever you go.

Ingredients vary, depending on customer requirement and seasonal demand, and typically include a variety of red chilli peppers, ground coriander seeds, dry garlic granules, blue fenugreek and coarse sea-salt.

According to historical evidence and archeological finds Ajika was one of the most popular Georgian products for the Silk Road trading and was a real find for European merchants seeking for Eastern culinary treasures.

You can add our dry Ajika mix to dipping oils, to cooking oils, to vegetable stir-fries, other vegetable and meat dishes, or mix in witha bit of water and vinegar to make a full-flavour Ajika sauce.